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Tornadoes ReviewTornadoes! is a hardcover picturebook that teaches young readers all about tornadoes - swirling funnel-shaped clouds spun by violent winds, that can cause extreme destruction when they connect with the ground. Yet most tornadoes dissipate in less than ten minutes. Tornadoes! tells young people how tornadoes come to be, how they are classified, and perhaps most important, what to do when one learns a tornado is approaching. "If you are in a car, get out immediately! Try to find a low spot, such as a ditch, to lie in. Lie flat on your stomach and cover your head with your hands." An excellent, informative picturebook with simple color illustrations, highly recommended for public library children's collections.Tornadoes OverviewTornadoes are funnel-shaped clouds that can cause massive destruction on the ground. Their winds can swirl faster than 260 miles per hour! Using her acclaimed combination of clear text and detailed illustrations, Gibbons explains how tornadoes form, the scale used for classifying them, and what to do in case one should be near you.

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